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Sunday, December 24, 2006

A tribute to the halflings

Chapter 1
P1: What do you thinks about heaven ?
P2: What about it?
P1: Do you think there is booze in there like Vodka Martini and stuff?.....Do you think it is bad??
P2: Yeah it is bad ..... Lets me tell you and don't make it into some mockery.
Lets say there is a kid how is overrun bu a car driven by a drunken man.
Now that boy died on that day because the other guy was drunk. Wont it make it a bad thing.

P1: Ok...Let me take another example.
There is this guy who is so very self rituous and benign. He was brought up well by his parents and in turn he brought up his kids in a deserving manner. He treaded the paths on honesty ever since humanity saw him. He gets up, goes to work and work hard he does. In the evening goes to temple/church/mosque according to religion. Then he goes on the distribute alms among the poor and needy and when he comes back to his place he goes to sleep with a but of liquor. In time he dies of natural causes.
When he is to be judged for his actions by god what would happen.
God might say "hey man you are good and good to go to heaven but I cant let you in coz you had that vodka martini thing. Although I know that you have n't done a vile thing after being drunk but still go to hell."
Somehow I don't think this will happen coz then this would be hippocracy and god ain't a hippocrit.

So now this guy goes to heaven and remember heaven is not a rehabilitation center. So in heaven if there is no booze then this guy is troubled, this is no heaven its a was better. So in order to make heaven a heaven, there has got to be Rum. What says?

P2: I am speechless
P1: By similar logic there is charas, ganja, cigarettes, smack and all the crap that is considered bad here.
Then what does it make heaven a bad evil place like the knockterdrum alley?

P2: :)