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Thursday, February 02, 2006

I can read your mind......

Back after a long long time.....
....been arnd seeing arnd......but thr ain't much time fer that

lets c then I got a distict pleasure of being in a major time flop skit, that rocked like hell.
I dunno how many of ye felt that but it is a flippy floppy feeling of being hooted....
Kinda weird, but then who am I to say that I'll be making gud and interestin skits,
fer I am no actor, just a tiny little fella......

ppl say I sing like the trumpits of war, akin to cryin of wolves,
I can command 100 legions to fight fer me if only I spare them the song of joy

now the sad part is that I was supposed to sing horrible, like the cryin of a banshee, and that
was supposed to be humorous,
and I did do just that, truely horrible, so horrible that ppl hooted and begged fer forgivness
"Why are u doing this to us?????"
and I thought that this is just the humour.....
evidently v have quite a different view on humor...

but I felt neat fer the experience is rare.......
may god help u 1 day to feel the shadow that just passed over me.......

".......may thy way be crossed and spirit be cursed, for none survive passed the dead..."


Blogger jhapk said...

There's a dark & a troubled side of life
There's a bright, there's a sunny side, too
Tho' we meet with the darkness and strife
The sunny side we also may view

9:13 AM  

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