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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Jaina Proudmoore

Archmage Jaina Proudmoore is the most powerful human sorceress alive.She is the daughter of Grand Admiral Daelin Proudmoore, he was the supreme commander of the naval forces of the Alliance. He also had a second daughter outside of his marriage with an elven sorceress names Kilnar Goldensword.
People aware of lores from Alagasia might construe that their love was real for elves consider children as the greatest symbol of love.

As with Harry, when her magical talents were discovered, she was sent to Dalaran to study magic under the watchful eyes of a master. There she became archmage Antonidas's protegee.
Dalaran was a magacracy - a form of government in which society is ruled by mages.Its Violet Citadel at Cross Island served as the focal point for mages and the study of the arcane rituals throughout human history.
She was a bright kid and soon Antonidas found himself favouring his new apprentice.Jaina would have served in the high council of Dalaran had it not fallen in the third war.
Jaina had a rather sad fortune as far as relationships go.
First she was involved with Prince Arthas was has now become the greatest evil know to man and is undead now. Then there was the elven-mage Kael'thas who became a magic addict. And there are speculations regarding her relationship with Thrall who is an Orcish warchief. None of the above characters are human so as to say, atleast not now.
She accomplished much in her service to Lordaeron. She was sent to investgate the Plague at the northern village of Brill. There she got entangled with events greater than she had known before. It was a tip of Lich king's plan( Orc chief named Guldan) to unleash the burning legion upon Azeroth. The plague was caused by contaminated food distributed from Andorhal to the rest of Lordaeron. It transformed villagers into zombies who would serve the undead. The plan was executed by a necromancer named Kel'Thuzad.
The undead plan worked so well that soon it engulfed entire Lordaeron. Jaina led her people to the land of Kalimdor. There she befriended orcs and night elves and faught the burning legion under a united front. Together they defeated lord Archimonde.
Later Jaina took her refugees to an uninhabited island off the eastern coast of Kalimdor, and named the new outpost Theramore.

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"All I ever wanted was to study."
"Shh, I'm trying to think here."

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Fermentation of a decaying mind

Yesterday a halfling from told me that time heals everything.
Today a friend of mine said ," Tu is wonderland se bahar aayegaa".
I asked the most logical question that should have followed this statement.
The question was "Why???"
Then I get a mail today from loathsome creature asking "Kyun, kyun????"
I chain mailed answered -"Kyun nahi"

I fail to understand what is happening????
Pigments of my split personality are going home.
Fools they are, coz there parents will force a marriage on them.
When they return, they would be something else.

Then how am I supposed to bide my time.
I dont even have the abilities to study finance.

So I think I should start writing sensible stuff for people say that what I
write is some twisted matter.
I think I should be writing something lucid here.
So I shall write about naive little insignificant thing like my carrier and job prospects.
I am sure it is insignificant coz the only person interested in this topic is me and I dont give a damm.

Well there is just so little to write here and the text field width is way to big for me to fill up.

Having done that.
There is nothing else to do.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The legacy of bits

Once there was a time when people were free to examine their own code.
Write it read it and modify it in which ever way they feel is their way.

That was the way things governed themselves and elves relished the idea.
But it was just an idea and ideas cannot shape your destiny.
You can fight for it or crave for it, never knowing that you can actually live with it.

Ideas are fragile and they are easily corrupted by the shadow.
So it may happen that one day and new idea replaced the old one.
People called it extensibility, flexibility and portability.

Elves feared the very name was an abomination, a tip of an ice berg that could
destroy the very fabric of our civilization.
Men were too dumb to understand it and embraced their nemesis with open arms and broken wings.

What did you say sire extending the core classes to implement the validations in BC4J layer and publishing the interfaces that would encapsulate the db transaction but at the same time are independent of the db tables...... I am sure I don't understand it but it must be something sensible coming from the one as bright as you are.

How can you accept this bitter fate, don't you care for men who might not live with it.

So there ought to be a revolution, born of hate and disgust.
Let those who sulk under the crimson walls fear, for things are in motion that cannot be undone.

Bit by bit we write a byte let us byte in the happiness of this world.

"Hail, Denethor, son of Ecthelion, Lord and Steward of Gondor. I come with tidings in this dark hour… and with counsel."

Sunday, December 24, 2006

A tribute to the halflings

Chapter 1
P1: What do you thinks about heaven ?
P2: What about it?
P1: Do you think there is booze in there like Vodka Martini and stuff?.....Do you think it is bad??
P2: Yeah it is bad ..... Lets me tell you and don't make it into some mockery.
Lets say there is a kid how is overrun bu a car driven by a drunken man.
Now that boy died on that day because the other guy was drunk. Wont it make it a bad thing.

P1: Ok...Let me take another example.
There is this guy who is so very self rituous and benign. He was brought up well by his parents and in turn he brought up his kids in a deserving manner. He treaded the paths on honesty ever since humanity saw him. He gets up, goes to work and work hard he does. In the evening goes to temple/church/mosque according to religion. Then he goes on the distribute alms among the poor and needy and when he comes back to his place he goes to sleep with a but of liquor. In time he dies of natural causes.
When he is to be judged for his actions by god what would happen.
God might say "hey man you are good and good to go to heaven but I cant let you in coz you had that vodka martini thing. Although I know that you have n't done a vile thing after being drunk but still go to hell."
Somehow I don't think this will happen coz then this would be hippocracy and god ain't a hippocrit.

So now this guy goes to heaven and remember heaven is not a rehabilitation center. So in heaven if there is no booze then this guy is troubled, this is no heaven its a was better. So in order to make heaven a heaven, there has got to be Rum. What says?

P2: I am speechless
P1: By similar logic there is charas, ganja, cigarettes, smack and all the crap that is considered bad here.
Then what does it make heaven a bad evil place like the knockterdrum alley?

P2: :)

Friday, May 05, 2006

"Pigs on the Wings"

Its summer time here and people say that its getting hot. So I just thought better to listen to what people say and sit in my office all day, listening to "Pigs on the Wings". I really liked this song for it has the word pig in it and that reminds me of a few things. Well it actually reminds me of a cartoon character.

You might be thinking that I am thinking about "Pumba" the boar from the Lion King, but actually I am not. I was thinking about this character from a certain episode of DuckTales, who is a pig and he can fly. He has some flare for golf, so he has a stick to really hit the ball and he plays golf in mid air and his ball never falls on the ground. That is truely the pig on the wings.

As you have mentioned Pumba, I might have a few things to say about him as well. You see I have had the distinct pleasure of his devine company more than the other few that I see around. It was soome 5ish years past this moment that this character just kinda appeared here. I wondered whether thrown in to this wicked world or he had a will of his own. Whatever it be he came here with a purpose, a mission, a dream and the dream was to study the food habit of the strange spicies who call themselves humans and he thought that they were in some sense the shit of the planet. This was his primary mission. Also he had a mind to study the ways and means that these people adopt to communicate.

Pumba has some oratory skill. Four different languages had known him and found him abominable. There is this tooti phooti telegu that he tried to communicate in. In oriya he mostly communicated with himself as others people perceived him as mumbling and grunting. Then there was the gender confused hindi where could be or even . And I dont want to talk about English

He was in some sense the simplest AI ever conceived by man.
If Food => Eat
If Enemy => Kill
If Friend => Hug
If Idle => Run

And run he did round and rounds every evening and I stood there just watching struck by the aura. His favourite time pass would be to beat his innocent room-mate to rags for he loathed him. He found him indespicable as he was at the bottom of the food chain to weak to carry on by himself. They say all rock stars have a disturbed past. Well as it turned out , his roomy became a smoky, rockstars.

If you ever get to see a TV soap on this great legend, then you see fancy names for episodes like - "Rage against the innocents", "Beating the skeleton", "I rule this place", "More Food","Room-mate driven to lunacy becomes a rock star" and "Vibration Sucks".

If you still remember his primary mission, some would say that he was being more than successful. Once he taged me along as a thing and took me to dine with him. Last I remember, he said 18 rotis. After that he claimed his own mountain of rice. I say that it was a mountain for it was indeed a mountain and he preffered a little crater on top of it where he would pour in the curry like hot molten lava.

All this being fair and honest, there is on thing I fail to understand. I just told you what an insolent bastard this guy was, yet somehow he befriended me and all those whom I could see. Its been time since my last encounter with the beast. By now he might have evolved into something else for he is dynamic.

I miss him, so I am sitting here on this silly afternoon listening to "Pigs on the wings."

"If you didn't care what happened to me,
And I didn't care for you
We would zig zag our way through the boredom and pain
Occasionally glancing up through the rain
Wondering which of the buggers to blame
And watching for pigs on the wing.

You know that I care what happens to you
And I know that you care for me
So I don't feel alone
Of the weight of the stone
Now that I've found some where safe
To bury my bone
And any fool knows a dog needs a home
a shelter from the pigs on the wing."

Monday, March 13, 2006

Don't your feet get cold in the winter time?........The sky won't snow and the sun won't shine .....!!!!!

Today I feel like going thru wht I have been doing over quite a period now
and that abt music.........wht really kiks in and wht does not, wht makes yer feet dance
and wht makes ye sit bck and think aloud

Lets c how it goes
when I was a college kid, I came across a bunch of crack heads, who wud make me
appreciate wht they appreciate ....
thr was this dude of a guy who wud lov rock ....
....then he infected me with some of his insanity and now I like wht he used to like.....
as they say all bad things come from bad company.....

The thing that I relised is that too much of gud thing are boring,
if u listen to soft music all the time, with happy upbeat chords , then it becomes boring
may be not that quik may in a yr or more, who knows...., but it does....
wht u need is to complement it with a few hard chord, discordant notes and
lots of energy and thts whr rocks comes in,

Its not that sweet and doesn't much talk abt gud things in life,
very often the subject goes on around death, pain and misery and
songs is more abt energy than melody.......
its the sort of thing that shifts yer mood makes yer head bang and makes u sing

Its like u can listen all day long sometimes soft music and sometimes hard and yer head
keeps on shifting, and u are thinkin

a bit of violence is gud in everything, and violence is more general than most of us wud imagine.
Music can have violence, sort of like 'negative creep', 'number of the beast' and a whole lots of other of other stuff.
violence can be thr in paintings , go fer ne dipiction of dracula or at a higher level,
some modern art painting, whr it is created, using colours, lines and no known phical form is used as a aid........that is pure u dont have a demon thr to tell u its supposed to
be hard, its pure sense of colours and lines and overall composition that tell u that oh
its definitely not happy mood.
think abt red c0lour spilled over a black and green background, sometimes distinct and
sometimes blending in......wht ever u do , u cant say that it gives u a happy feeling....
its more of a dark and sinister dipiction....

then v have violence in architecture, furniture, trees, leaves and almost nething that u can imagine......u just need to c it

all u need to do is to have sense of appriciation fer such things....
...thr is a gud in all bad
its abt balance,
yin and yan, angels and demons , heads and tails,

"Rebel," my new last name
Wild blood in my veins
Apron strings around my neck
The mark that still remains
Never I ask of you
But never I gave
But you gave me your emptiness
I now take to my grave
So let this heart be still

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

You tell me we can start the rain, To wash the tears away

well Its been long as it always does and not much
moved from hither when I last looked at it...

all I learned over the this time is that
amount of pain in ur life is a constant......
u kill lower pains and higher pain will take over.....
its a pyramid basically....
I think of it like my little home town used to be gud b4 I moved arnd....
my frnd used to be happy with my organisation b4 he went arnd and had a
look at ms
said he - they have tennis court , basket ball court and wht not and v have nothing

kinda true, but wht if he never went around to have a look ...
well he wud have been contended and happy man

As I wud say, ignorance is bliss....
The more u see, more is the pain that finds its way to you....

I find ppl cribbing abt roads of the city, building, ac and wht not
I wud say that u have to think of a person lets say 500 yes b4 us
he knew nothing of this sort, yet he never cribbed fer it,
coz he knows not that such a thing wud exist......

Think a hundred 100yrs from now, ppl sayin I'll leave this town bcoz the wall crawler here are
gud enough.......u c thts a evolved need
and pain is again constant

so I tell ye just 1 thing go home, be happy and sleep tight .....
....and dont crib or else u'll always be cribbing otherwise fer ur entire god dammed life....