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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Fermentation of a decaying mind

Yesterday a halfling from told me that time heals everything.
Today a friend of mine said ," Tu is wonderland se bahar aayegaa".
I asked the most logical question that should have followed this statement.
The question was "Why???"
Then I get a mail today from loathsome creature asking "Kyun, kyun????"
I chain mailed answered -"Kyun nahi"

I fail to understand what is happening????
Pigments of my split personality are going home.
Fools they are, coz there parents will force a marriage on them.
When they return, they would be something else.

Then how am I supposed to bide my time.
I dont even have the abilities to study finance.

So I think I should start writing sensible stuff for people say that what I
write is some twisted matter.
I think I should be writing something lucid here.
So I shall write about naive little insignificant thing like my carrier and job prospects.
I am sure it is insignificant coz the only person interested in this topic is me and I dont give a damm.

Well there is just so little to write here and the text field width is way to big for me to fill up.

Having done that.
There is nothing else to do.


Blogger Sanket said...

Stop writing CRAP that no body understands... I bet that on a fine day u will ask this basic question to urself that why did u write this post?? why why???

---In the name of holy father and evil hobbit

6:31 PM  

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